Moeuhane Sandalwood: The Shadows of a Nightmare past

"Sometimes they come back to us. As a faint but cold whisper in our ear. As a hushed by dream out of which we wake up all sweaty. As a cold breath creeping up our spine.

Shadows of feelings that had been buried in the marrow of our bones for so long are sneaking out of their prison - to come back to haunt us unexpectedly.

The coldness of a big empty room, when mommy had left it. The distant screeching of a door. The darkness of our bedroom after the door had been shut. The toy that went to the doctor; and somehow never came back. The noise of our parents fighting, over things we knew nothing of. The walls that seemed to fall upon us, when the pressure of study was overwhelming. The mindtricks that interfered with our chores, followed by the inevitable yell.

Though mere flashbacks of a distant nightmare, and only for a glimpse of a second, they have the ability to turn us back into the child we were, when they first made us cry. Although through growing up, our mind had found explanations, our body and soul never seemed to have forgotten how overwhelming those experiences were. And they don't fail to keep reminding us of all those nightmares past.

Simple white sketches and handwritten text are the base for "The Shadow of a Nightmare past" - which is almost completely built with simple prims - to mirror a faint but present memory. The bright white contrasts harshly with the foggy windlight and the delicate groundtextures to underline the painful feelings of a distant past breaking through the surface."

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