Lilia Artis: The Past is not Past is not Past...

"Memories accumulate as long as we live. Some might be of events so far back into the past that to our conscious mind they appear vague and about to dissolve. But underneath they keep shaping our present and our future. And sometimes they might even threaten to suffocate us - until one day they burst out into the light. It is then that we can see what flowers they will grow, what fruit they will bear.

In my installation you will see a darkened house, bursting at the seams, tied together with a rope whose knot may or may not hold, gloomy textures of the interior telling their own story, a river of photographs pouring from the seams. The house stands for a person who is filled up with memories from his or her family history and own lifetime. The ancestors' history and the never healed wounds they suffered in the sometimes tragic course of their lives are still affecting this new life, that seems so far ahead in time - but not far away enough. So the question remains: If we can't get rid of those ties but only loosen them, let them surface into the consciousness, will we ever be free?

Everybody has to find his own answer to this. But maybe the many artists and writers who sublimated their burdens of life into their creative work could be an example that the burden might also be a source of creativity."

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