Haveit Neox: the backyard

"I was a decent kid, but a sneaky one. I loved everything about the house where I grew up, but spent most of the time in the garden. It seemed immense to me, sloping down a small, gentle hillside, lush with vegetation. I was given a space in the backyard to build, and told not to go beyond that area. But I found hidden places where adults didnít venture ... under plants, in small clearings between bushes, or camouflaged near an old stone wall where I built in the shadows. Indeed, after some time I had secretly spread throughout much of the yard.

I donít know why I hadnít thought before to build from my childhood memories in SL. This opportunity offered through the exhibit: "House of Memories" opened up powerful imagery of a distant joy. As I built my digital version of the mud domed cities Iíd made in the backyard, I felt more connected with the past, loving it and missing it. This present model has an extraordinary feature that I could only have wished for in the past: People can now walk right inside the buildings I made, explore, and use the space to their liking. And in the same manner, I walk into the neighboring installations to discover the imaginations of fellow artists. What we all share in common is a link to our past, those mysterious frozen spots of time, that are nonetheless ever malleable in our minds."

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