Almut Brunswick: Tracks of Life

"Life is like a journey. For most of us, it is not following a straight line. It knows crossings and detours, easy cruising and burdensome passages. Sometimes you even might think to be parked on a stabling track. But life is steadily going on and it has its stations. Therefore, I felt attracted by the train metaphor very much. The only way back in life is paved by memories. When we revisit places of our previous life, images return in our mind. But many things are feeling different now, since we are different. Things are changing their scale, both literally and also in our review.

For most people, the eye is the beginning and foundation of their memories. Thus the first station is named "Ophthalmos", the ancient Greek word for "eye". Thrown into our life, we experience our childhood as a time of setting points. We live our dreams until we are forced to give up many of them in the course of growing up. Only a narrow track leads eventually back to "Childhood Central", while we are conveyed in our further life. So we will reach "Pile of Shards", which stands for personal disasters we are sometimes confronted with. Even from this mess, however, something new can arise. A twinkle in the sun, new forms out of habitual monotony. We don't have a choice anyway, because we need to proceed. Finally we will arrive at "Final Edge". From here on, the journey continues without any luggage. We leave our memories behind. Who will care about them? Are they a burden or a gift for those who will follow us with later trains?

My contribution to our "House of Memories" would like to be more than just a metaphor. It is rather destined to establish connections to the installations of my friends Haveit Neox, Lilia Artis and Moeuhane Sandalwood in a very immediate and very literal way. I hope that despite all differences between our rooms in this House of Memories our deep mutual relationship can be experienced as an aesthetic sum. Have a good trip!"

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